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Oak Ranch Estates is a unique 40 home planned unit development in the foothills east of Highway 33 near Saddle Mountain Estates in Oak View, CA. The homes are single family dwellings and many are considered unique properties in the valley affording views of the nearby treed hills and Lake Casitas. The Corporation Grant Deed was filed under the name of “The Oak Ranch Estates Homeowners Association” and was dated September 21, 1979. The community was completely “built out” by the late 1980’s.

Amenities include approximately 15 acres of open space, barrancas, private trails and a large common area that accommodates horse corrals, feed and tack storage, a riding arena, pasture, and a picnic area with a horseshoe pit. The Association is governed by the Homeowner’s Association and each resident receives the governing documents of the Association: The Articles of Incorporation; the Bylaws and the Covenants; Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) and Rules and Regulations prior to purchasing a home in the community. There are monthly assessments and those who stable horses do so at an additional cost.

The Homeowner's Association was self-managed until January, 2014 when it contracted with a management company to assist with some of the responsibilities. Additionally, as a planned unit development the association falls under the provision of the Davis-Sterling Common Interest Development Act, which was reorganized and re-codified at Civil Code Sections 4000 – 6150 effective January 1, 2014. Homeowners remain involved as volunteer members of the Board of Directors as well as well as members of various Committees. Information important to homeowners is available on the website, and announcements regarding meetings, minutes, elections and other pertinent information are added on a regular basis.

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